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At school, Bill Speareshake was always the class dunce, but in recent years he has met great success as a poet and playwright. Many people believe that his equally recent involvement with people in high places is a mere coincidence, but others suspect that the real genius behind his works is none other than the esoteric figure Crispin Bacon. In fact, the skeptics believe that his latest masterpiece, in the form of a short poem, contains the identity of the true author.

a doZen, A grOsS, And a SCorE
pLUS 3 TIMES ThE squArE RooT of 4
DiViDED by 7
PLUS 5 Times 11
is 9 sqUareD, AnD NOT a BIT more

Can you solve the mystery?

Problem ID: 3 (Aug 2000)     Difficulty: 3 Star

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